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Roofman is a family–owned company with three generations of residential roofing experience in Saline, Ann Arbor, and throughout Southeast Michigan.

Over three decades ago we invented and installed a special roofing system from proprietary rubberized components. We can show you hundreds of roofs in this area that are over 30 years old that still look like they were installed yesterday!

Some of our unique differences include our specialty underlayment that features three protective layers, unlike our competitors that have one. The middle layer of the Roofman underlayment is a rubberized membrane that provides exclusive protection against water infiltration. Our roofing system also includes 9 feet of ice guard instead of the standard “code” of 3 feet.

This extra 6 feet provides unmatched protection against the formation of ice dams that occur during our harsh Michigan winters. Our SBS rubber shingles boast a Class 4 hail rating that can withstand winds of up to 130 mph which is the industry’s highest rating of protection (used in Dade County, FL) against high winds, storms, debris and hail.

Roofman’s professionals normally just need one day to perform a roof replacement on your home delivering precise workmanship and stellar service.

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    How Roofman can help you


    Roof Replacement

    Roofman specializes in roof replacement systems; educating and advising potential clients so they can make the best decision possible based on their current roofing issues and needs. There can be great comfort in replacing the roof from the increased aesthetic appeal as well as the security of knowing your home and possessions are safe from water intrusion and damage.



    Inspections are a critical part of being a home owner and should be done at least once or twice a year. Looking for missing, curling or damaged shingles, algae or fungus growth, cracks around the chimney area, and inspecting the flashing and metal areas of the roof are some of the major things we at Roofman would suggest looking for. If you see signs of leaking, like dark spots on the ceiling or mold or dampness in your attic area, call us immediately at Roofman! Roof leaks only get worse, never better!


    Roof Repairs

    Roofman can perform repairs on your home but some things to consider should be:

    • Will this repair be an eyesore?
    • If you see your home will this repair be a visible concern?
    • What is the likelihood that additional leaks (and inside damage) could occur?
    • If you are planning to sell, would your current roof pass inspection?
    • Will potential leaking be on your mind if you decide not to replace your roof?
    • Would you have more peace of mind with replacing the roof, taking into consideration its age and condition and cost of potential repairs to the existing roof?

    Contact us at Roofman and have an expert out to help you decide how to handle your current roofing concerns.

    Price Match Guarantee

    Roofman will match or beat any competitor’s offer.

    One Day Installation Guarantee

    Roofman guarantees a set install date and 1 day turnaround.

    No Leak Guarantee

    We guarantee a 100% worry free, no-leak solution for the lifetime of your home.

    Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee

    Roofman specializes in the highest quality products and provides a workmanship guarantee for the lifetime of your home.