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Our Process by Top-Rated Roofers

Our Process by Top-Rated Roofers

Don’t get your roof done by 5 different companies. Roofman is home to the largest Residential roofing warehouse in Michigan. What that means to you as a homeowner is due to the sheer volume of products and services we offer you, will get access to much higher quality products and services at a discounted bulk price. (no excuses).

Roofman USA

The Roofman System

Step 1

1. Inspection

Your experience with roofman has just begun, currently, one of our professionally trained estimator is performing a total Roof inspection including condition, life expectancy and noting any visible issue with your homes roofing and attic ventilation system.

Step 2

2. Evaluation

Once the inspection is complete one of our estimators will discuss the existing issues with your home and how we can best solve the existing issues for the life of your home.

Step 3

3. Permits

Once we have a signed contract, Roofman will submit for all permits and you will receive your Roofman One Day Guaranteed Installation.

Step 4

4. Arrival

On the day of your scheduled installation, our top-rated roofers arrive at your home around 8:00am with all the materials for your job, including a trash truck to haul everything away around 5:00pm.

Step 5

5. Tarping

We start by tarping the entire perimeter of the home and building wooden barriers to protect shrubs and other valuables such as air conditioners, etc. Tear off begins.

Step 6

6. Loading

As your old shingles are being striped from the roof, all of your new materials are being loaded, preventing your home from being overloaded with excess roof weight.

Step 7

7. Installation

The crew then begins installing your new roof in the following order:

  • Drip edge and Roofman “Superedge Vent”
  • Roofman S.B.S Rubberized “Super ice and water shield” installed on edges, flashings, chimneys and valleys
  • S.B.S Roofman Underlayment – Roofman’s proprietary S.B.S rubber starter strips and your choice of shingles
  • Roofman “Super Box” exhaust vent for proper attic ventalation
Step 8

8. Blowout

The cleanup process begins by blowing off the roof, cleaning out the gutters and removing the tarps. All debris leaves with Roofman.

Step 9

9. Magnet Clean

The entire perimeter of the house is magneted for any stray nails that might have slipped by the tarps.

Step 10

10. Final Walk

A Final client walk around is done and warranty information is explained.

Step 11

11. Layer Breakdown

Step 12

12. Roof Ventilation Graphic

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