Spring Maintenance & Roof Repair for Ann Arbor Area Residents

Do you need roof repair for your Ann Arbor area home or do you actually need a full roof replacement?

Winter is over and the snow is gone – now it’s time for you to check the condition of your roof! With all that snow and ice, it’s not uncommon for your roof to experience some slight wear and tear or more serious problems could have developed. Do you need roof repair for your Ann Arbor area home – or do you need it replaced? You may need to take a look for some telltale warning signs.

From the ground, safely inspect your roof for:

  • Do you see any loose granules in your gutters?

    You may need to safely climb a ladder but also check around your downspouts. Some granule loss is perfectly normal. But if you’re finding lots, it’s a sign that your shingles are wearing out and need to be replaced.

  • Did any branches or tree limbs fall on your house?

    At first, the damage may not be immediately apparent from the outside, so you’ll want to take a look in the attic space for any protrusions or water leakage. These are the telltale signs that your roof was damaged by debris. This could require a smaller sectional replacement, but if your roof is older you may want to consider a total roof replacement rather than routine roof

  • Do your shingles look cracked, curled, or missing?

    If you’re seeing shingles that have completely torn away or are visibly damaged, it’s time to get them replaced. Sometimes this can happen from heavy snowfall and ice, but more often it’s an indicator that the roof is past its prime and due for a replacement.

Summer Is the Season for Roof Replacement and Roof Repair in Ann Arbor!

“We recently had our roof replaced. Easy company to work with. Crew that came out did their job in a professional manner. Would highly recommend that you get a quote from them.” – Margaret K.
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Summer is it. Only in the most extreme circumstances do people usually have new roofs installed during the fall and winter – so now’s the time to schedule your free estimate. With over three generations of experience in Washtenaw County, we know a thing or two about roofs!

If the inspection reveals you’re in need of a full roof replacement, we’ll give you a guaranteed on the spot estimate. If your home only needs a small repair, we can refer you to someone who will get the work done fast and professionally.

Contact Us or give us a call at 734-662-3300 today to schedule your Free Estimate!




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