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The Hazards of a Roof Leak

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Was your home recently hit with intense rain? 

Are your gutters overflowing, causing water to spill out the sides?

A roof leak can be a costly and unforgiving roof repair that can cause more damage than you may expect. 

Hazards of a Roof Leak 

Reduced Insultation Efficiency

Dripping water from a roof leak can quickly soak the insulation in your attic and exterior walls. Nearly all types of insulation will lose their insulating abilities when wet. When your insulation is compromised, hot and cold temperatures can easily leach into your home.

Compromised Structural Integrity 

If you neglect roof repairs or replacements for too long, the structural integrity of your home could be compromised. This includes the flooring in your attic, wall deterioration, and other hazards if left unmanaged. 

Electrical Damage and Hazards 

Ongoing leaks can lead to serious water damage to your home. If water reaches any part of your electrical system, you could face serious problems like an electrical fire, a shock hazard, and damaged appliances.

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