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Maintaining Your Roof Between Inspections

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Have you noticed debris piling up in your gutters?

Knowing how to take care of your roof between inspections can help prolong the life of your shingles and prevent avoidable repairs.

Maintenance You Can Do

Clear Your Gutters

Each season brings new debris that can end up in your gutters. Making sure your gutters are clear and free of blockages year-round to allow for proper water flow off of your roof. 

Regular Checks 

Walk around your home and note any changes to your roof like shingle quality, plant growth, cracked caulking or any other changes that could signal work needs to be done. 

Moss Maintenance 

If you notice moss growing on your roof, take preventative action. Sprinkling moss remover designed for roofs makes removal easy. Once the product has had time to kill the moss, take a broom to your roof to clean up the remaining growth.

Residential Roofers Working in Adrian Michigan will Maintain Your Roof 

Don’t feel safe working on your roof?

Working with residential roofers in and around Adrian, Michigan will guarantee that your roof is maintained year-round! 

Contact our team for a free quote on your project! 


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