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How Roofing Affects Your Energy Bills

Roofing contractors working on an Ann Arbor home during a summer day.

Do you have an older roof and high energy bills?

Are you replacing your roof?

Want to make sure it’s as energy efficient as possible?

Your roof is a large component of your home, but it isn’t something you usually think about. When you do think about it, you’re probably just crossing your fingers that it will last a few more years! 

However, when it comes to your home economy, your roof plays an important role and deserves a little more thought and attention; improvements to your roof system can deliver substantial savings on your energy bills. 

Let’s look at a few of the biggest ways roofing affects your energy bills and efficiency. 

3 Ways Roofing Affects Energy Efficiency

Insulation: according to the Department of Energy, you can reduce energy bills by up to 10% just by adding insulation to accessible areas of your home. One of the largest of these areas is your attic. 

Your attic should already have some insulation, but you can easily add more to improve energy efficiency. An easy way to determine if an area needs more insulation is by simply looking to see if the insulation comes to at least the same height as the floor joists. You can add insulation to any sparse areas and be sure to check thickness all the way out to the eaves (the areas of your roof that extended beyond the exterior siding) of your attic space. 

Additional insulation can make a big difference to efficiency and it’s something you can have done without replacing your roof.   

Ventilation: while insulating your roof is vital, you also need to allow air to circulate in the attic space for optimal conditions. 

Without ventilation, hot air and moisture stagnates below the roof and can cause warping of the sheathing, which limits the life of your roof. Intakes at the lowest points of your roof draw cooler, fresh air in. Exhaust vents at the highest points of your roof allow hot air to escape. 

Vents are a little more work to add to your roof system than insulation, but the benefits make it worth it. This is a job that can be done without replacing your entire roof and saves you money in the long run.  

Shingles: more efficient shingles absorb significantly less heat and reduce the load on your A/C. It’s a simple concept, but it can make a huge impact. For example, Energy Star-rated shingles can lower roof surface temperatures by 50°F! 

Your choice of shingle material plays a principal role in the efficiency and lowering energy bills, but so does color. Lighter colors reflect heat and lower cooling costs, while darker colors absorb more heat. 

Improve Your Roof to Improve Your Energy Bills with a Roofing Company in Ann Arbor

If your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, it could also be increasing energy bills. An older roofing system is long overdue for efficiency updates. Even if your shingles are in top shape, a great roofing company in Ann Arbor can help you make some changes to lower your energy bills. Give us a call at (734)662-3300 or fill out a contact form! The quality of our workmanship is guaranteed!

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