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How to Prepare Your Roof for Summer

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Are you ready for sunshine and warmer weather? 

Have you completed your spring cleaning checklist? Not sure if your roof is ready for the summer heat? 

In the summer, it’s hot during the day then quickly cools at night. This rapid temperature fluctuation can cause roof expansion and contraction, creating tension that decreases your roof's lifespan. 

The summer heat is unavoidable, but damage to your roof is not! Here are a few ways you can prepare your roof to take on the summer heat: 

Ensure Your Attic Has Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation allows hot air to cycle out of your home. Poor ventilation allows moisture to accumulate which can cause nails, flashing, and duct straps to rust, making your attic more susceptible to mold growth and mildew beneath your shingles. 

Improving your ventilation can be done by promoting airflow through the vents and fans in the roof and eaves. Electric fans can also be attached to the roof, providing continuous fresh air in the attic.

Check Your Attic Insulation

Insulation doesn’t just keep your home warm, it keeps the hot air out, too! Your attic insulation acts as a thermal barrier against the warmer weather, allowing your AC to cool your home more efficiently. If your insulation is outdated or damaged, the cool air your air conditioner is pushing out gets released through your attic rather than throughout your home, leading to higher energy bills. 

Clear Out Your Gutters

Your gutters are vital for protecting your roof! Gutters protect your home by directing water away from your roof; this keeps water out of your attic and prevents it from pooling during storms. Clogged gutters cannot guide water from your home, leaving your roof susceptible to water damage like mold, mildew, and potential structural damage. 

Schedule a Roof Inspection 

One of the best investments you can make for your roof is scheduling a professional inspection. The summer is the best time to schedule an inspection because of the favorable weather that allows for repairs as needed. Professional inspections ensure that no early signs of damage are missed that the untrained eye may not notice.

Enjoy Your Summer with the Best Roof Replacement in Ann Arbor

Do you want to enjoy your summer stress-free? 

Summer is the season for enjoying time out with your friends and family in the sun, not worrying about the health of your roof! There are things that you can do to ensure your roof is in good shape, but scheduling a roof inspection is the best way to avoid repairs! If your roof inspection turns up any unfavorable results, Roofman USA provides the best roof replacements in Ann Arbor!

Contact our team of experienced roofers at (734)662-3300 to schedule your inspection!

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