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Bad Weather Impacts Your Roof

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How Does Bad Weather Impact Your Roof?

No matter where you live, the weather poses a threat to your roof. Each season will affect your roof differently, and it’s essential to know what signs to keep an eye out for.

Rain Storms

Every home in the U.S. deals with rain. Roofs are built to keep water out, but that doesn’t mean they are immune, especially as the roof gets older. If rain makes its way under your shingles, it can cause mold and wood rot. This can lead to structural damage and cause leaks in your home, making the problem worse.

Wind Storms, Tornadoes

Wind can tear off shingles, remove tiles, and cause your gutters to be ripped from your roof. Strong winds of 40 miles per hour can cause damage on even newer roofs. Tornadoes are even worse, with wind speeds of up to 200 miles per hour or more.

If any portion of your roof is damaged by wind, it’s essential to have roof repairs taken care of immediately. Otherwise, moisture can work its way inside and cause even more damage.

On top of that, debris and falling trees are always a risk. It doesn’t matter how new your roof is, a tree falling on your house is going to cause major damage. Maintaining a good roof means keeping the area around your house clear and trimming any branches or trees that pose a risk.

Snow and Ice

Snow often melts off the roof, which makes it less of an issue. However, if it manages to accumulate, the weight from heavy snowfall can cause the roof to start bowing in. The bigger risk is when snow melts but refreezes on the roof. Ice is much denser and heavier, and if too much builds up, it can cause immense damage.

Ice can also cause shingles to peel up, especially if water was already working its way under your roof. It isn’t always noticeable in the winter because it stays frozen, but once spring comes around, you should check for any leaks that may have developed in your roof.

Anytime there is severe weather, check your roof for damage. Catching damage early on will save you money and headaches later on. Peeled shingles can be replaced easily, but water damage and rot can lead to structural damage or the entire roof needing to be replaced. 

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