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Fixing Roof Leaks

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Fixing Leaks with Experts on Roof Repair in Ann Arbor, MI 

Your roof puts up with a lot—from snow and rain, wind, extreme temperatures, trees, and more.

A well-designed roof will guide water from high point to low point until the water runs into the gutter or off an edge.

Unfortunately, sometimes this simple system breaks down and you develop a leak.

If you think your roof might be leaking, read these tips from the experts on roof repair in Ann Arbor, MI to find out more!


Causes of Leaks

Your roof is subject to many different conditions and environmental factors that can cause leaks. Here are some of the most common:

  • Very often, wind can knock trees against your roof. When this happens repeatedly over a long time, this can loosen shingles and cause leaks. In extreme weather, falling branches or entire trees may cause more significant damage. One preventative tip is to make sure that trees near your house are kept trimmed, so they can’t knock into your roof.
  • Flashing is the metal strip around pipe vents, wall intersections, and chimneys. It’s designed to prevent leaks, but if it’s missing or damaged, leaks can occur. If you notice leaks around a chimney or vent, it very likely has to do with the flashing.
  • Seams, if sealed improperly, can also be a source of leaks. This most often happens where shingles are flush against something like a chimney.
  • Missing or damaged shingles can cause leaks. If your roof is old, or if it has seen a lot of traffic from gutter work, power washing, or painting, some shingles may in time come loose. Sometimes roof access is necessary but remember to limit wear on your roof as much as possible.

Telltale Signs Your Roof is Leaking 

So you think your roof might be leaking—what are the signs?

  • Cracks in the drywall can form when roof leaks aren’t detected early.
  • A moldy smell coming from the attic is also a common sign of a leak, caused by moist insulation.
  • Water stains on the ceiling can be a big give away. If you notice a water stain, remember that where the stain is forming may not necessarily be where your leak is. Very often, a leak will form in the roof and run to another location.

If you see any of these signs but aren’t sure, you can always call the professionals for an opinion!

What You Can Do - Roof Repair Ann Abror 

There is some basic roof maintenance you can perform that will prevent many causes of leaks, like periodically checking your roof for fallen branches and inspecting your soffits to make sure they’re connected properly.

However, not all damage can be prevented, and sometimes leaks happen.

This is why Roofman USA is one of the only experts in roof repair in Ann Arbor, MI to offer a guarantee for the lifetime of your home!

Call us today to set up a free roof repair estimate!

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