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Buying or Selling a Home?

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Are You About to Buy a House - But the Home Inspection Revealed Bad News About the Roof? 

A thorough roof inspection from an Ann Arbor roofer give you a clear picture.

Recently an associate of ours we’ll call “John” was looking at buying a home. He and his wife are expecting their first child and he wanted to find the perfect place for them to call “home.” They found that place, or so they thought. As with any home purchase they went through the normal process of getting a home inspection. Unfortunately, that initial inspection uncovered some “rough spots,” but nothing unmanageable – except for the roof.


Drones Don't Provide an Accurate Inspection

Using only a drone, the inspector noticed that the shingles were discolored, and loose looking, and saw cracks in the flashings that would need to be fixed. Climbing into the attic, he found that moisture was getting into the roof and causing what appeared to be staining and possibly even mold growth! Needing a second option, John asked us for an inspection.

A Boots-on-the-Roof Inspection

Because drones don’t give you a complete picture and online calculators are worthless, Lucas went to the house and performed a thorough inspection. Sadly, the news didn’t get better for John. Stepping onto the roof, Lucas was immediately able to detect that because of poor ventilation and a cheap roof system installation, the roof boards were delaminated allowing for moisture and rainwater to seep in. The cost to repair the ventilation alone would be half the cost of a new roof replacement. We were then able to provide John an accurate estimate for a new roof system including board replacement.


A Clear Picture

After the home inspector’s report and our report, John knew what would be required if he bought the house. If you’re buying a home, this is important because this is where you could ask for concessions from the sellers. In this particular scenario, John had two different opinions that said the roof would need either expensive repairs or a complete replacement that he could take to the bargaining table.


Get an Inspection From Top-Rated Roofers in Ann Arbor 

As a family-owned and operated business, we’ve been serving Saline, Ann Abor, and all of Southeast Michigan since 1962. If you’re buying a home and need an inspection, we can help. If you’re selling a home, we can help you as well! We’ll check out your roof, inside and out and give you an accurate report. Our top-rated roofers in Ann Arbor will also provide you with a competitive guaranteed estimate for any repairs or replacement costs.

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