Installing a Skylight? Here’s Advice from Ann Arbor’s Expert Roofing Contractors

Need a little light in your life? A skylight might be exactly what you need to brighten a room that lacks natural light. Skylights or roof windows let in up to five times more light than a sidewall window. Skylights also provide the room with warmth, which is an added bonus for the Ann Arbor winter. Before reaching out to your Ann Arbor roofing contractors, there are a few factors you should consider before installing a skylight.

1. Skylights aren’t right for all roofs.

Because skylights are installed beneath the roof shingles, the construction of the roof must be able to support the skylight. Stick-framed roofs, built with individual rafters spaced as far as four feet apart are better suited for skylights. On the other hand, truss-framed roofs are less ideal. Trusses aren’t designed to be cut after they’re installed. Cutting a truss-frame roof can compromise the structural integrity of the roof.

2. Control Your Light, Temperature, and Privacy

The addition of an overhead window means a lot of additional light. That said, you can dial down the brightness, glare, and heat in a room by tinting the glazing with window film or installing a shade below the inner pane of a skylight’s glazing. Skylight shades come in motorized remote-controlled varieties or manually operated varieties.

3. Location Matters

When determining your skylight location, you should ideally choose a room directly below the roof. You should then search for a section of the roof above that room that meets the slope requirements for your skylight. (You generally want to install a skylight at a slope of five to 15 degrees higher than your latitude.) Location is determined by the placement of your home’s rafters. Plan accordingly and keep a space plan or blueprint handy before you start cutting out sections of your roof.

The direction of the skylight is important as well. North-facing skylights are ideal, as they provide year-round illumination. Avoid positioning skylights where your view would be blocked by taller obstructions.

4. Don’t Skimp on Quality

Energy efficiency, water tightness, sound reduction, and wind resistance are all important considerations. Additional options include shading, UV coatings and ventilation. Many manufacturers offer high-quality products made from sustainable materials in an effort to protect the environment.

Skylights allow the entire room to feel bigger. Skylights also will lower your electric bill because you will not need to turn the lights on in a room until the sun goes down.

Thinking about a skylight? You want to hire the professionals!

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