No Other Roofing Contractors in the Dexter, MI, Area Can Provide You with a Rubberized Roofing System Like Roofman Can

Many roofing contractors offer roofing systems to residents of the Dexter, Michigan, area that don’t provide top-of-the-line resistance against weather damage. With Roofman, this won’t be the case. We proudly offer and install our proprietary rubberized roofing systems that can stand up to Mother Nature’s severe weather. The triple-layered and watertight rubber underlayment alone can stop water infiltration for two years without shingles. And you can choose either our durable asphalt or SBS rubber shingles. The SBS shingles will provide the best defense against hail, wind-swept debris, and pounding rain and will stay on your home in 130 mph wind speeds.

Roofman also differentiates itself from other roofing contractors operating in and surrounding Dexter, MI, with the level of service we provide. We’re a family-owned business with three generations of combined experience, so we’re not just some fly-by-night roofing contractors. The following is what you can expect when you hire us:

  • Easy communication – We aren’t a large, faceless company, and you’ll always be able to reach our decision makers easily with a phone call at any time of the day.
  • An accurate estimate – Upon completing an assessment of your roof, we will provide you an estimate that’s final. No hidden fees or extra charges will be added. We also don’t require any money down like many other roofing contractors do.
  • Fast installation – Within a single day, we’ll have your old roof off and your new Roofman installed. Unlike other roofing contractors, we don’t use subcontractors, only our professionals who have more than 30 years of experience.
  • Lifetime warranty coverage – You can rely on us being around once your project is finished. Every roof we install is backed by a transferable lifetime materials and labor warranty, so our customers can have peace of mind about their investment in their homes.
  • Helpful financing options – Qualified homeowners can take advantage of our fantastic financing options to help make purchasing one of our exceptional roofing systems easier.

To see for yourself what separates Roofman from the other roofing contractors in the Dexter, MI, area, contact Roofman today.