Roofman USA – New COVID-19 Safety Measures

Need a new roof but worried about your health and safety during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

As a Roofing Contractor in Saline, we’re adapting to keep our crews and clients safe.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has caused a major upheaval in our regular day-to-day lives. People are now working from home or have been laid off altogether to help stop the spread of the virus. With Governor Whitmer’s recent executive order, all non-essential businesses are to close. As roofers, we fall under the category of “Critical Infrastructure Workers.” Our crews are working and ready to help those who need new roofs or necessary repairs to their homes.

Health and safety come first.

At Roofman we don’t take this responsibility lightly. The health and safety of our clients, our crews, and families are our first priority. To ensure that we help stop the spread of the virus while serving the Washtenaw County community, we’re adopting new safety and sanitation measures.

  1. Paperless Contracts

    We were already moving towards implementing this system, but now we’re working to complete this process as fast as possible. People won’t have to meet with our inspectors face-to-face to complete paperwork – video calls make that process convenient and safe.

  2. Inspections

    While we prefer to do in-person boots-on-the-roof inspections, we understand the idea of inviting someone you don’t know into your home makes some folks wary. We’re able to utilize virtual tools to provide estimates and we can still closely inspect your roof from the outside. All price estimates are guaranteed and won’t increase come installation day.

  3. Basic Cleanliness

    We like to believe we’re a clean crew, but it’s difficult to remember not to touch your face! To keep our crews and thus their families safe we’re adopting additional cleanliness guidelines – hand washing, sanitizer, wipes, etc. – to keep everyone safe. We want our crews to feel like they want to work, not that they have to and risk their health.

Roofman USA – Your Friendly Neighborhood Roofing Contractor in Saline

Hopefully, life will return to “normal” soon. This pandemic took everyone by surprise and has certainly upended our day-to-day lives. Even with this disruption, Roofman is able to provide the essential service of ensuring your home is structurally safe with a strong, sturdy roof backed by lifetime guarantees.

If your home had a rough winter and needs a new roof, Contact Us and we’ll figure out the best way to inspect your home and give you a guaranteed estimate.





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