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If you’re seeing these early warning signs on your roof, it’s time to find an experienced roofer in the Manchester, Michigan area. Because roofs don’t last forever, you need to keep an eye on them. As your roof ages, there are some obvious signs that your home may be due for a replacement. 

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Three Signs To Look For In Your Roof:


  • Weather Damage

    If you’ve just had a major storm, make sure tree limbs haven’t hit your roof. A small tree limb may not seem like it could do much damage, but with enough force, it could damage the shingle and underlayment exposing your hardwood to water. Small damage spots are easy to repair early.

  • Sagging Roof

    Sagging roof boards are a clear sign of water damage. You can see these from the outside, however, you’ll get a better view from inside your attic space.

  • Mold Growth

    Mold is never a good sign inside or outside your home. That means you’ve had long-lasting water damage and the shingles or boards could be rotting. Dark grey or black mold streaks are relatively easy to clean off your shingles. However, if the mold is coming from rotting wood, that’s a bigger problem that could require a full roof replacement.

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“Had some roof damage after a windy storm a few weeks ago. Roofman responded promptly to my request via messenger and had a guy out the next day. Lucas was polite, professional, and had the repair done in no time. I highly recommend Roofman!”

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