Is your roof sagging, moldy, or looking rough around the edges?

Did you just buy a home and need a roof replacement?

Roofman provides Roof Replacement in Pinckney, MI

You want your home to last a lifetime. To do that, you need to make sure your roof gets replaced every 25 to 30 years. Because it’s exposed to Monther Nature’s worst, your roof can take quite a beating. Freezing cold snow and ice can build up and get into the shingles during the winter. In the summertime, the heat can practically bake your roof from the inside out. Proper seasonal maintenance will help extend the life of your roof, but you’ll eventually need a new roof replacement for your Pinckney area home.

“So, how do you find a qualified roofing company to do the roof replacement?”

The answer is simple – do your research! You’ll want to find the following details:

  • Do they have a physical location? – If they have a verifiable address that you can visit, that shows permanence. They’re probably not a fly-by-night operation.
  • Are they members of any trade associations? – If they’re members of the Better Business Bureau or other national associations it shows they’re not only established, but they’re also experienced.
  • What do their reviews look like? – A qualified roofer will have referrals to sing their praises, but go ahead and Google them. Check them out on Facebook and see what people are saying about them.

“Very pleased with Roofman! Great crew, wonderful cleanup, and very reasonable price. Lucas is very easy to work with!” Cathy J.
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Roofman USA – Roof Replacement For Pinckney Homeowners 

As a third-generation roofing company, we’ve installed, repaired, and replaced roofs since 1962. In that time, we’ve proudly served over 150,000 customers! Starting with a thorough roof inspection, we’ll provide you with a guaranteed estimate. That estimate doesn’t change come installation day. The price is what we quote. Our crew will be there bright and early and we’ll install your roof replacement in just one day!


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