Professional Roof Replacement for Chelsea Area Homeowners

Looking for Roof Replacement Near Chelsea?

If you want a roof replacement for your Chelsea, Michigan, area residence that you can count on – we’ve got you covered!

Forget Leaks!

You can avoid water infiltration with our 100% rubber roofs! Most roofing contractions use a one-layer underlayment, but we install a proprietary three-layer rubberized underlayment that will keep water out.

Worried About the Winter Months?

Don’t worry. You will be extra protected against ice dam formations and water damage with our nine-foot ice guards installment- ice guard code requirements are only three feet!

For your Our roof replacement in Ann Arbor, choose from our two shingles options: tradition asphalt or our Premium Option – SBS rubber shingles.

Benefits include:

  • Top notch wind resistance
    Even if the wind is screaming at 130 mph, you can count on SBS shingles to remain attached to your roof!
  • Protection during adverse weather
    With a Class 4 impact rating, SBS shingles you’ll be protected against damage from hailstones, driving rains, and windswept debris!
  • Better curb appeal
    Give your home a makeover! Many shingle colors are available for aesthetic customization. And thanks to our Scotchgard™ protector, your shingles won’t be overtaken by the growth of black algae!

Your roof replacement will be conducted and completed in a single day! With more than three decades of roof installation experience, you can trust our experienced professionals will get the job done right!

How Does Payment Work?

You’ll receive a guaranteed estimate before work begins. Just like our work, our payment is straightforward and detailed. We don’t require any money down, so you’ll only have to pay once we’re finished with your roof replacement! Get your quote here.

Wonderful to deal with. The lowest of three estimates. They had a crew of approximately 10. They removed my old roof and replaced it with a new beautiful roof in one day. Great cleanup job. 6 months later and no issues with roof whatsoever. I highly recommend these guys.” – J.D. Stevens
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Ready for Experienced Roof Replacement for Your Chelsea Area Home?

Contact Us or give us a call at (734) 662-3300 to learn how your home can benefit from our services. When you call, be sure to ask about our financing options, transferable lifetime materials, and labor warranty!