Tips For Getting Rid of Ice Dams

Do icicles hang over your house?

Ice dams causing expensive roof repair for your Ann Arbor, MI home?

Ice dams can be a big problem for S.E. Michigan area homes. Without proper protection, ice dams can lead to expensive roof repairs or even worse – the need for a new roof installation altogether! When winter sets in that isn’t something you want to happen to your home.

Ice dams are caused when melted snow from the top of your roof runs down to the gutters and refreezes. Without proper underlayment and ice guard protection, the ice can build up causing serious structural damage to your roof. If your home develops ice dams, there are a couple of things you can do to make sure they don’t damage your home.

  1. Safely Break Away The Ice

    Safely anchor a ladder to the side of your house, and if you have a regular ice pick or even a crowbar – break away as much of the ice as you can from your gutters. This will clear up the blockage and allow melting water to clear the roof before it can refreeze.

  2. Chemical De-Icer

    You can find de-icer at the hardware store or grocery store. While intended for sidewalks and driveways – they work very well at clearing ice dams. Again, safely climb a ladder and sprinkle some on the ice dam and into your gutters to help clear them out.

  3. Snow Rake

    Possibly the best thing you can do is use a snow rake. With a long extension, you can safely clear the snow off your roof from the ground. By getting rid of the snow on your roof, you take away the source of ice dams. You don’t have to use it every time it snows, but if there’s been a lot of accumulation, you can clear it away and prevent ice dams from forming in the first place.


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Avoid Ice Dams And Expensive Roof Repair For Your Ann Arbor, MI Home

Most roofing contractors install only three feet of ice guard underlayment. At Roofman we use nine feet of ice guards. We use nine feet because we know it prevents ice dams from forming. If you’re waiting until spring for your new roof, these simple tips will help you keep ice dams from damaging your home. Serving Ann ArborSalineBrighton, and throughout southeast Michigan.

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