How to Prevent Ice Dams on Your Roof

Prevent costly repairs and roof replacements

Snow and ice are no strangers to Michigan homeowners. Our houses can take a lot of punishment with the ice, snow, and subarctic temperatures that hit every winter. If you’re not doing proper upkeep to your roof, you could be vulnerable to expensive roof damage.

When the temperatures fluctuate from frigid to warm and melty and back again, ice dams become a potentially serious problem. Ice dams develop when warm air in your attic causes the snow or ice on your roof to melt. This water then runs down your roof, where it refreezes along your gutters. As this process keeps occurring, the buildup of ice at the edge of your roof gets bigger and bigger.

Don’t Let Ice Dams Wreck Your Roof

When an ice dam gets out of control, the weight can cause structural damage to your roof. The constant thawing and refreezing can lead to leaks and water damage to the inside of your home. When this happens you face expensive repairs your homeowners insurance might not cover!

There are two things you can do to prevent ice dam buildups:

  • Check the Ventilation and Insulation in Your Attic

    Expensive roof repairs or roof replacements due to ice dams can be prevented if your attic space is well insulated and well ventilated. Checking your attic insulation is an easy thing you can do without having to call in a roofing contractor. If you see any gaps, add more insulation. Double check around pipes or vents. If you see any gaps or holes, fill them with insulation foam or caulk. If you have a damaged roof vent, be sure to have a professional take a look at it.

  • Make sure your gutters are clean

    It may sound simple, but clean gutters aren’t just for letting rainwater wash away. They’re actually an important part of preventing ice dams from forming. Clean gutters let the melting snow and ice wash away from your roof before they can refreeze and become a bigger problem. Most of the time this is something you can do yourself, but if your roof has high peaks, it’s best to call professionals to do the dangerous work.


Experienced Roofing Contractors Can Help

“Wonderful to deal with. The lowest of three estimates. They had a crew of approximately 10. They removed my old roof and replaced it with a new beautiful roof in one day. Great cleanup job. 6 months later and no issues with roof whatsoever. I highly recommend these guys.” – J.D.
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If you’re keeping your gutters clean and you’ve done everything you can to prevent heat loss in your attic, it’s time to call in professional roofing contractors to help. Ice dams can be an expensive problem if left alone. With three generations of experience, our roofing experts can help you find a solution to your ice dam troubles before they become a very expensive problem. Contact Us, or give us a call at 734-662-3300 to learn more.

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