New Roof in the Winter? We can do that!

As the cold weather creeps in, many of us are setting aside our home improvement projects and preparing to hunker down. Just because you’re ready to hibernate does not mean your home has stopped needing improvements. Fall’s minor roof issue can easily become winter’s major roof problem.

What if you need a new roof in the winter? Is that possible?

Should you just wait until spring?

Most people assume their roof can’t be replaced in the winter. It’s too cold. Surely snow and ice make it too dangerous to replace a roof?!
This is simply untrue. For an experienced crew, roofing in the winter is not only possible, it requires little to no more work than replacing a roof in warm weather. It’s understandable to think that winter weather would make conditions unsafe for a roofing crew. The truth of the matter is there are always precautions to be taken in the dangerous profession of roofing. In winter, an experienced roofing crew will take slightly different precautions and still be able to do an efficient, effective job.

Advantages of Winter Roof Replacement

There are, in fact, advantages to having a roof replacement done in the winter. The first (and most obvious) is the fact that winter is not a busy time of year for roofing contractors, and you are likely to get better prices and quicker turnaround. Another is that getting your roof fixed in the winter ensures that ice, snow, and rain don’t make your bad roof even worse. Also, you might be making your roofer’s day – believe it or not, many crew members prefer working in the cold!

The Roofman Guarantee Stands Up to Michigan Winters

Roofman USA is known for our one-day roof installations and our proprietary rubberized underlayment. We also use SBS rubber shingles that resist algae, damage from hail and heavy rain, and up to 130mph winds. Operating throughout Washtenaw County, Roofman USA offers our lifetime guaranteed services throughout the harsh Michigan winter. Our team of roofing professionals will maintain the highest safety standards when installing your roof. From Ann Arbor to Dexter to Saline to Chelsea, Roofman USA can give you the roof of your dreams any time of year.

Contact Us today!

If you think you might be ready to talk about roof replacement or repair, just call the experts at Roofman USA at 734-662-3300 or contact us through our website. Don’t let winter stop you from getting the roof of your dreams today!

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