Navigating Your Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Does your insurance cover roof repair or full roof replacement cost from storm damage?

You do your best to keep your roof in good shape – but sometimes Mother Nature has her own ideas and you need to find a roofing contractor. High winds, hail, heavy snowfall – these weather conditions can cause serious damage to your roof requiring immediate and often expensive repairs. That’s where your homeowners insurance can help.

You can pay for homeowner’s insurance premiums without really thinking about what your policy actually covers or what your deductible is. When high winds blow a tree down on your roof or a crushing amount of snow falls in a single storm – it’s time to find out the full extent of your insurance coverage!

Learn About Your Homeowners Insurance Policy – Does it Cover New Roof Installation?

It’s good to know what your insurance policy actually covers before disaster strikes, but even if you don’t know it to the letter, it’s still not too late. Take a look at your policy or call your insurance agent and ask them about your coverage. Most policies offer coverage for heavy storms or other unexpected weather. However, the policy could have stipulations.

If your home is older and the roof hasn’t been replaced or if it was in bad condition, to begin with, your insurance provider might not cover all of the costs for a new roof. You also need to consider preventative damage like ice dams that might not be covered at all. Many insurance companies view basic upkeep and maintenance as your responsibility.

Get Professional Homeowners Insurance Advice from A Reputable Roofing Contractor

If your roof has been seriously damaged by bad weather, the best thing you can do is call a roofing contractor near you that has a strong reputation – like us! You want someone with years of experience that is fully licensed, insured, and can provide references.

Once onsite – have your roofing contractor take photos and document all of the damage. From there, they can help you decide if it’s actually worth filing a claim. If the damage is only minor and under your deductible, it may not be worth it because it might cause an increase in your premium rates.

File A Roof Repair Claim with Your Insurer

If the damage is severe and would be too expensive to cover out-of-pocket, it’s time to contact your provider and file a claim. Once you file a claim, your provider will send out a claims adjuster to inspect the damage. The sooner you can get this done the better so they have a more accurate picture of the damage. Once your insurance company lets you know what they’ll cover in repair or full roof replacement costs – let your contractor know.

Honest – Reliable – Experienced Roofing Contractor

“My wife and I have had a very positive experience with Roofman. It took us a while to obtain quotes from several different roofing companies, and Lucas would periodically call us and ask us where we were in our process. He was patient and respectful, and he had the best price and quality. His crew were very respectful, and very hard workers. They did a great clean up job as well. Would definitely recommend.” – Jerry M.
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No one wants to deal with storm damage, but it happens. That’s why you pay for homeowners insurance so when bad things happen to your home, you’ve got the coverage you need to take care of it. We can help assess any damage to your roof and advise you on a repair or full roof replacement plan. Contact Us or give us a call at 734-662-3300 today!

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