Fall is the Best Time for a Roof Replacement

As temperatures and leaves begin to fall, you may think it’s too late in the year to consider a roof replacement for your Ann Arbor area home. Actually, fall is one of the best times to replace [...]

Easy Maintenance Tips for Autumn

Believe it or not, Fall’s on its way! Changes in season are always a good time to think about how to maintain your roof. Luckily, none of these maintenance tips take very much time or are very [...]

Installing a Skylight? Here’s Advice from Ann Arbor’s Expert Roofing Contractors

Need a little light in your life? A skylight might be exactly what you need to brighten a room that lacks natural light. Skylights or roof windows let in up to five times more light than a [...]

The Importance of Good Communication for a Good Roof

With everything going on in the world right now, needing to get your roof replaced or repaired can feel like a huge burden. When it’s time to call a roofing­­ company in Ann Arbor, you want the [...]

Warmer Weather? A New Roof Can Keep Your Home Cooler

Summer is almost here. Do you have a Roofman roof to help keep your home cooler? This is the perfect time to think about how your roof is doing its job. Before the temperatures soar, ask yourself [...]

Fixing Leaks with the Experts on Roof Repair in Ann Arbor, MI

Your roof puts up with a lot—from snow and rain, wind, extreme temperatures, trees and more. A well-designed roof will guide water from high point to low point until the water runs into the [...]

Spring Cleaning for Your Roof

Looking for roofing contractors in the Ann Arbor area? With spring and summer on the way – it’s time to take care of your roof. The first day of spring has come and gone, and spring bulbs are [...]

Worried about roof replacement costs for your Ann Arbor home?

Is your roof overdue for a replacement? Are you worried about the roof replacement costs for your Ann Arbor home? Do your shingles say it might be time for a new roof, but your bank account [...]

High-Quality Gutters from One of the Best Roofing Companies in Ann Arbor

Getting a new roof installation? Have you thought about replacing your gutters? Gutters can be one of the first casualties of harsh weather. Water, wind, ice, and debris all pose a threat. If [...]

Roofman In Your Community – Saline Area Social Services

Looking for roofing companies in the Ann Arbor area you can trust with your home or business’ new roof? Take a look at the homes and businesses in your area.  Part of being a local family owned [...]

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