A Mild Winter Can Damage Your Roof, Too!

Warm one day, cold the next. If you’ve lived in Michigan for long, you’re no stranger to temperature extremes. This winter has been especially mild so far with very little snow, and that’s mostly good news for your roof. Little to no snow means no snow load to stress your roof and less chance of an ice dam forming. But that doesn’t mean a mild winter is easy on your roof. It also doesn’t mean you should wait until warmer weather for roof repairs. Many homeowners have questions about roofing in the winter, like:

Is my roof “safe” from damage if there’s no snow?

Should I wait until spring to repair or replace my damaged roof?

And, do roofers even work in the winter?

The short answer is: if you think this mild (so far) winter is better for your roof than a full-blown Michigan winter, you’re only partly right.

Having almost no snowfall this year does mean your roof is safe from snow load – the surprising weight of the white fluffy stuff – but it doesn’t mean it can’t be damaged by winter weather. When the weather warms up on milder days and then drops below freezing, like it has lately, your roof can suffer damage. It’s called the freeze/thaw cycle, and it’s a downside of this mild winter.

The Freeze/Thaw Cycle and Your Roof

When it rains or when snow melts, water runs down into the seams and cracks in your roof. When the temperature drops and that water freezes, it expands, widening those seams or cracks slightly. It might melt again on the next sunny day, and then freeze again that night. During a mild winter like this one, that freeze/thaw cycle can happen over and over. Each time it happens, it can damage your roof a bit more.

This can eventually damage the roofing materials or separate flashing from the chimneys, ducts, and vents. That can lead to leaks. In harsher winters, it can lead to ice dams. The freeze/thaw cycle is just one reason it’s important to inspect your roof for cracks and other existing damage before the temperatures drop. If your roof already has cracks, they will get worse with every freeze/thaw cycle.

If your roof has damage, if it’s old, if you need it repaired or replaced, it’s not too late to call Roofman. We can inspect, repair, and even replace your roof year-round, even in winter!

Roofman Stands Up to Michigan Winters

Roofman USA is known for our one-day roof installations and our proprietary rubberized underlayment. We also use SBS rubber shingles that resist algae, damage from hail and heavy rain, and up to 130mph winds.

Operating throughout Washtenaw County, Roofman USA offers our lifetime guaranteed services year round – even in winter. Our team of roofing professionals will maintain the highest safety standards when installing your roof. From Ann Arbor to Dexter to Saline to Chelsea, Roofman USA can give you the roof of your dreams any time of year.

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