5 Roof Repair and Simple Maintenance Tips

Is your roof ready for winter?

Worried you’ll need a replacement or roof repair for your Ann Arbor home?

Winter is coming. It’s still summer, but the cold season is on the way. Now’s the time to get prepared and take a close look at your roof! Even with the sun out and the warm weather, your roof can still take a beating. That hot July and August sun can cook and weaken shingles. Driving rain can find weak spots and get into your home. Heavy winds can throw tree branches and debris that can damage your roof! You’ve got to make sure your roof is ready for heavy snow, ice, and bitterly cold temperatures. If your roof has been damaged, you may be running out of time to schedule a replacement or roof repair for home.

5 Steps to Prepare Your Roof:

  • Clean Those Gutters.

    It may be slimy, but it’s good to safely climb up a ladder and get a close look at things. You’ll find any clogs and gunk blocking up your downspouts. You’ll also see if there are loose shingle granules – a sign your shingles are wearing out and may need to be replaced.


  • Clean Off the Debris.

    Strong winds and storms can throw a lot of debris at your roof. Dirt, grass, leaves, seeds, small branches – they need to get cleaned off before fall. These materials could rot and lead to harmful mold and algae buildup. Safely use a long broom or air blower to remove debris.


  • Look at Overhanging Tree Branches.

    Trees make your property look appealing and help protect against heavy winds. However, branches overhanging your roof can be a potential hazard come winter when snow and ice buildup. During the fall when leaves drop, they can clog your gutters and lead to the development of ice dams.


  • Check Your Attic.

    Your attic should always be properly ventilated. Poor ventilation during the hot summer months can literally cook your roof from the inside out weakening underlayment and damaging shingles. Make sure you have enough insulation and that your attic vents are working.


  • Schedule A Professional Inspection.

    A professional will know exactly what to look for. Don’t settle for drones or online calculators. For your roof inspection make sure you get boots-on-the-roof for a thorough inspection.

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